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Inclination to grow and evolve in the domain of Organisational and Clinical Services providing exceptional psychological services to the clientele leading to a bond of mutual trust, commitment and loyalty.


  • Providing world-class psychological services to our clientele
  • Inspiring young minds to spread peace and happiness in their surrounding environment
  • Impart professional knowledge in the budding psychologists, counsellors and therapists
  • Build capacities of professionals working for corporate, schools, hospitals and NGOs
  • To provide proper placements to the unemployed specially psychologists and counselors
  • Assist organisations in proper recruitments, selections, placements and promotions leading to organisational development and hence increased productivity
  • Create awareness about Mind and its domain


  • Fostering a team spirit, a sense of responsibility, commitment, loyalty and self-discipline
  • Emphasizing continuous growth and progress bearing in mind the changing needs of our clients
  • Creating an atmosphere of respect and concern for the welfare of the society
  • Sensitizing the younger generation to reach out to the marginalized and the underprivileged.