Competency Mapping for Organisations

We analyse as to what competencies are required to be superior performers in a particular job role. A right match of the hidden competencies with the right job assists in recruitment, placement, promotion and trainings.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

We readily provide orientation programmes, on-site counseling and off-site counseling sessions for the employees of organisations. This not only helps in improving their mental health but also gives a boost to the teams.

Awareness Talks

The concept of Mind, Brain Vs Mind, The Power of Sub-conscious Mind, HIV/AIDS, Health and Hygiene, Prevention of Cancer, Foods that Harm & Foods that Heal are some of our topics of awareness programs.


We provide skill-based workshops on topics like: Career Counseling, Maintaining Healthy Relationships, End-of-Life Counseling, Anger Management, Effective Communication Skills, Self-Management, Time Management, Team Management, Seven Habits, Personal Effectiveness, Self Motivation, Stress Management, Managing Examination Anxiety, Change and Conflict, What Employers Need?, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation, Personal Mission Statement, Life Skills, Personality Development, Mapping Competencies.

Recruitment Assistance

It is very crucial for organisations to hire the right person for the right job. We have a database of worthy candidates for a number of job roles, especially those working in the field of Psychology.